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The best time for suhoor in the accursed

All fasting people believe that the main meal in Ramadan is the breakfast meal. However, on the contrary, nutrition experts confirm that the main meal in Ramadan is the Suhoor meal. On a different website , we will explain to you about the best time for Suhoor in the diet.

And since Suhoor is the meal that provides us with energy during the fasting day, so it was important that it contains the most important nutrients that the fasting person needs during the long fasting day, as the Suhoor meal should contain the three most important nutrients that the human body needs, especially during the period of fasting. Fasting, which are proteins, beneficial fats and carbohydrates.

The presence of these substances in the suhoor meal gives the fasting person a feeling of satiety and lack of hunger, because the elimination of foods that contain carbohydrates from the body takes place very slowly, and that the suhoor meal contains a mixture of three substances that provides the body of the fasting person with the energy it needs and prevents the feeling of laziness and Inactivity during the day, on the contrary, overeating for breakfast causes lethargy and laziness, and increases the chance of gaining a lot of extra weight.

The experts also stressed the need to eat good amounts of fruits and vegetables for the suhoor meal, because they contain fiber, minerals and vitamins, as fiber is based on the absorption of water, and because of this, the stomach and intestines are filled with moderate food and contains few calories. .

The best time for suhoor in the accursed
What is the best components of Suhoor?
First, let’s start with the components of a diet and healthy suhoor:

Vegetables, because they contain large amounts of fiber and vitamins, and a plate of fresh salad can be the best options for obtaining a variety of vegetables.
Dates and it is preferable to eat them because they are one of the most important substances that provide the body with the energy it needs. Dates contain calcium and vitamins, and dates contain many antioxidants.
Dairy, cheese and eggs, which provide the body with proteins that have a major role in building the muscles of the human body, which makes the fasting person feel energetic and not tired and tired when eaten
Water Consuming large quantities of water in the time period between Iftar and Suhoor prevents dehydration during the day and during fasting, especially on days when the temperature in the air is relatively high.
Eating fruits during the Suhoor period for many is rare or limited, but it is preferable to eat one piece of any type of fruit before or after Suhoor, but nutrition experts advise eating a banana or half a banana, because bananas reduce the feeling of thirst during the fasting period and during the day, It is preferable to eat fruits because they contain large amounts of vitamins and fiber and very few calories.
A cup of hot drinks or preferably containing herbs and without sugar. Herbs protect the body from many diseases. They also dissolve accumulated fats such as cinnamon, and help the digestive system to chew and break up food and facilitate the process of excretion.
The best time for suhoor in the accursed
The later the time of suhoor, the better the time for suhoor in the diet, so that the person who follows the diet or diet does not feel hungry or thirsty during the day and that adherence to healthy suhoor meals rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals as it provides the body with ability and energy during the day of fasting and reduces Percentage of weight gain or obesity that comes due to breakfast and suhoor meals in Ramadan.

The most important foods to avoid during the Suhoor meal:

We learned about the best time for Suhoor in the diet for those who follow the diet, and the most important thing that the Suhoor meal should contain, but what are the foods that should be avoided in the Suhoor meal?

Salty or highly salty foods such as pickles, salty nuts, and highly salty cheeses.
Rice and starches such as pasta and pastries that increase weight very dramatically
Ready meals because they contain high calories and saturated fats are harmful to the body and quickly gain weight.
Meat saturated with fat, as it is difficult to digest, which causes lethargy, laziness and heaviness during the day.
Soft drinks and stimulants such as coffee, tea and ready-made juices because they cause urine to be diverted, and they also contain very high calories.
The best time for suhoor in the accursed
From the above, we learned the best time for Suhoor in the diet , and we assure you that studies have proven that fasting has a significant impact on body weight, sugar, cholesterol and body fat levels. Excess weight is gained in Ramadan, on the contrary, it has a very positive effect on the body’s immunity and its ability to withstand fasting for long periods.

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