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To renew your Etisalat call package

To renew the Etisalat call package, Etisalat is one of the most important telecom companies in Egypt, which offers many different services and packages to obtain customer satisfaction. Etisalat also works on improving the level of service for customers and providing the best offers that suit the use of all customers. To renew an Etisalat call package, you can use the code designated for that. In this article, different sites provide a code to renew the Etisalat call package.

To renew your Etisalat call package
To renew your Etisalat call package whenever you want, you can use a code to renew your Etisalat call package without having to contact Etisalat customer service. Follow these steps:

To renew an Etisalat call package, you must first inquire about your remaining balance, before renewing the package, in order to benefit from the remaining minutes in your balance. To inquire about the balance, call (555), or call the code (555 star window).
In the event that there is no remaining balance in your account, you can renew your package, by clicking on (807 window). You must have enough credit in your account to renew your Etisalat call package.

One of the great features that Etisalat offers to customers is the possibility of not renewing the package completely, and renewing only part of it, starting from 200 minutes to 800 minutes. To take advantage of this, call the code (star 626 window).
Renewing the monthly package from Etisalat
To renew the monthly Etisalat call package, click on (Start 852). It will show you all the information about the minutes remaining in your balance, as well as your next bundle renewal date, and how to renew.

Renew your bi-monthly package from Etisalat
Etisalat bi-monthly package renewal code (star window 900).
To control the consumption of the Internet through the Internet Limit service by calling the code (star 808 window).
You can also control your consumption of minutes of other networks through the Limit service, by requesting the code (star 806 window).
Or increase the number of mixes through additional packages that start at a price of three pounds by calling (Najma 626 window).
You can also double the megabyte from the Supernet service by calling the code (Najma 660 windows).
Renew your USB modem communications package
Purchase an Etisalat recharge card of any value you wish, so that your Etisalat monthly package is renewed based on your subscription. After that go to open the USB communications program.
Go to the word (My Online Account), then a new window will open for you.

The next step is to write the card’s shipping number, which consists of fourteen digits, in the empty box that appears to you in the window.

Click on the word (shipping). Wait for about fifteen minutes, and you will receive a message confirming that you have renewed your Etisalat modem package.
Hekaya Mix System from Etisalat
Hekaya Mix 25: Get 500 mixes per month by clicking on the transfer code (689 stars 25 windows).
Hekaya Mix 35 System: 850 Mixes can be obtained per month. Use the transfer code (689 stars 35 windows).
Mix 50’s Tale: Enjoy 1200 mixes per month when using the transfer code (689 stars 50 windows).
Mix 100’s story system: Get 3300 mixes per month with the transfer code (689 stars 100 windows).
Mix 70’s story: You can benefit from 2200 mixes per month when using the transfer code (689 stars 70 windows).
Internet Connect Packages Codes
To inquire about the internet package (screen 2341 star 566 star).
Netconnect package cancellation code (screen 23,571 stars 566 stars).
Renewal code for the same internet package (55 star 566 star window).
Super Net Connect package 10 pounds code (10 windows 22 stars).
Super Net Connect package 20 pounds code (20 windows 22 stars).
The code for the Super Net Connect package is 35 pounds (35 stars, 22 stars).
Super Net Connect package 65 EGP code (65 stars window 22 stars).
Super Connect package query code (441 star 22 star window).
Super Connect package cancellation code (windows 77 stars 22 stars).
Renewing the same Super Connect package (31 windows 22 stars).
Mix internet packages codes
Subscription code for Mix packages (844 star window).
Renewal of Etisalat Mix Code package (network 807 stars).
Mix package code 15 EGP (15 windows 689 stars).
Mix package 25 EGP code (25 windows with 689 stars).
The code for the mix package is 40 pounds (40 windows with 689 stars).
All telecommunications company codes
Know all the regulations and offers available. Call 500.
To pay the bills, click on the (404 star window).
Contacting Etisalat Customer Service 333.
To know the balance, click on the (555-star window), or (the 888-star window).
The code to cancel the internet package by pressing (screen 1357 star 566 star).

The code to cancel the Call Tone service by calling (5 star 15 star window).

To subscribe or cancel the news services, press the code number (166 star window).
Change the call system Call 525
To renew the Etisalat calling package before the scheduled date (2 star window 851 star).
Inquiries about renewing the call package (box 604 star 852).
Inquiry about the line number (network 947 star).
Cancellation of the Call Tone service from Halal Code (5 stars 15 stars).
To transfer the balance (star amount counter star phone number 557 star).
Kallemni Shukran service (phone number window is 111 stars).
Send me service code, thank you (911 star window).

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