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bloomchic reviews

BloomChic Reviews 2023: Warning! Must Read Before Buying

The fashion industry has made notable progress in being more inclusive of diverse body shapes and sizes lately. However, shopping for plus sizes can still be challenging due to limited accessibility and uncertainty about which brands to trust.

If you’re curious about reasons to steer clear of BloomChic, continue reading our BloomChic reviews 2023 (and discover some excellent alternative stores to explore).

bloomchic reviews 2023

What Is BloomChic?

BloomChic is an online retailer specializing in plus-sized clothing, featuring sizes ranging from 10 to 30. While the company asserts its presence in Los Angeles, it’s worth noting that BloomChic also conducts operations from Hong Kong.

bloomchic review

BloomChic Overview:

Despite some negative reviews, BloomChic offers a wide selection of appealing plus-sized clothing, making it an enticing option for shopping. The brand includes items such as dresses, tops, bottoms, and more.

Is BloomChic Legit Or A Scam?

Are you in search of stylish plus-size dresses and eyeing Bloomchic for your next purchase? Before making a decision, we’ve conducted thorough research, including Bloomchic reviews 2023, to provide you with essential insights. Take a moment to read our complete Bloomchic reviews for a well-informed choice!

The landscape of shopping has shifted significantly to online platforms, leaving traditional in-store experiences behind. However, this convenience has also brought about opportunities for scams and fraud. Initially skeptical about online shopping, we’ve become more accustomed to it over time. Yet, with the rise in credit card fraud stories, encountering a new name like Bloomchic, heavily promoted online and seemingly too good to be true, triggers initial skepticism that only reviews from verified buyers can dispel.

While Bloomchic is likely to fulfill your order, numerous customers have reported unsatisfactory experiences. Complaints range from subpar product quality to extended shipping times, discrepancies between received items and website photos, sizing issues, and more.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our goal is to assist you in making well-informed and better purchase decisions, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience tailored to your needs.

We dedicate extensive time to thorough research, consultation with medical experts, gathering insights from professional experts, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products. This commitment ensures that we deliver the information you require to make informed choices.

Quality And Materials

Bloomchic puts evident effort into its online presentation, with meticulously photoshopped images and perfectly fitted models adorning its website. However, the lack of ‘live’ photos in customer reviews makes it challenging to gauge the actual appearance and fit of the items.

Fortunately, the brand provides model measurements, aiding customers in estimating how a particular dress or blouse might look on them. Material-wise, most models are crafted from polyester, elastane, or spandex, with some featuring rayon and cotton. Notably, Bloomchic does not offer organic or GOTS-certified materials.

Reviews indicate varying quality levels, with some customers praising the longevity and shape retention of Bloomchic dresses after multiple washes. Conversely, others express disappointment with the quality from the outset. It’s noteworthy that seemingly similar items of different colors sometimes differ in fabric and labels.

Moreover, analyzing BloomChic’s business model hints at a strategy focused on collaboration with various suppliers, opting for external partnerships rather than in-house manufacturing. This approach could potentially clarify the noticeable resemblances between BloomChic’s models and those featured by other Hong Kong-based stores such as Shein. When considering BloomChic’s BBB reviews, it’s advisable to factor in this business model, as it might shed light on customer experiences influenced by the sourcing and manufacturing dynamics.

BloomChic Reviews 2023: A Closer Look


Overall Rating: ★★★ 3 stars

Regrettably, BloomChic disappoints on multiple fronts. Customer critiques are widespread, targeting the customer service team’s performance and communication issues. Additionally, shoppers express dissatisfaction with the clothing’s quality, deeming it unworthy of the price tag.

Quality Rating: ★★★ 3 stars

While some BloomChic reviews express satisfaction with the clothing’s quality, disappointment is a recurring theme among customers. Negative feedback often highlights issues such as thin fabric, flimsy materials, and discrepancies between the received items and the pictures on the BloomChic website.

An update to our findings reveals a mixed picture: the quality appears to be a hit or miss. Some shoppers praise impressive quality, while others find it lacking, making it a subjective experience. We suggest exercising caution and perhaps starting with a smaller order to gauge the brand’s consistency before making larger investments.

Price: ★★★ 2.5 stars

BloomChic provides prices that are quite reasonable, and in certain instances, it might even be more budget-friendly compared to other fast fashion brands catering to plus-sized individuals. If you’re open to experimenting with this brand, the expenses won’t be too heavy on your pocket. The cost typically falls within the range of $15 to $70, and you can also discover some remarkably affordable deals on BloomChic’s sale page.

Despite the affordability, numerous customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality. It seems that the lower the price at Bloomchic, the lower the quality. To ensure a better quality experience, it’s advisable to stick with items priced over $20.

Note: Some customers reported being charged international fees on their debit or credit cards. If you have a card without international fees, it’s recommended to use that to avoid additional charges from your bank, as Bloomchic is based in another country.

Sizing: ★★★ 3 stars

When it comes to sizing at BloomChic, there’s a degree of inconsistency. It’s advisable to go beyond your regular size and check the measurements for each specific product you’re interested in. For a more personalized understanding, delve into BloomChic reviews focusing on sizing. A quick search for ‘BloomChic sizing reviews’ could offer insights from customers about whether items run small or large. This additional information, coupled with the size guide available on the website, equips you with a more comprehensive view of BloomChic’s sizing, making your shopping decisions more informed.

Customer Feedback on BloomChic

Discovering what real customers are saying about BloomChic is crucial, and we’re here to share their sentiments. Here are the key points highlighted in actual BloomChic reviews:

  • Quality concerns are widespread.
  • Many received items do not match the photos on the website.
  • Strong advice to avoid BloomChic if possible.
  • Instances where it took months to receive orders.
  • Dissatisfaction with the lack of assistance from customer service.
  • Despite the drawbacks, there’s regret that BloomChic, with its appealing clothes, isn’t a reliable brand.
  • Recommendations to seek better shopping experiences elsewhere.

BloomChic Alternatives:

As mentioned earlier, identifying reputable plus-sized brands that offer both style and quality can be challenging. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve recommended some alternative brands to BloomChic that promise a more satisfying shopping experience. For a more comprehensive guide to the best plus-size clothing brands, check out our ultimate guide.

Shein Curve: While we don’t enthusiastically endorse SheIn, it serves as a better budget-friendly alternative to BloomChic. SheIn’s quality can be hit or miss, but they offer free returns on your first order and boast an extensive range of plus-size clothing. Though they lean towards trendy styles, with a bit of digging, you can find similar gems. Explore our SheIn Curve review for more insights.

ASOS: Renowned for having everything and more, ASOS offers a diverse selection of affordable plus-size clothing.

Universal Standard: Positioned as a mid-range brand dedicated to plus-size fashion, Universal Standard is a reliable choice. While their styles may lean towards basic and casual, they stand out for durability compared to BloomChic’s so-so quality. Explore their collection for a lasting wardrobe.

Eloquii: Although Eloquii may require a bit more investment compared to BloomChic, the overall quality and customer service offer a vastly superior experience. Look out for their sitewide sales, often bringing prices below $80.

Loud Bodies: If budget isn’t a concern, Loud Bodies stands out as one of our favorite plus-size brands. They not only offer stunning styles but also prioritize sustainability and ethical production, making their inclusive sizes a standout feature.


BloomChic Return Policy

BloomChic provides a 45-day return policy. While the company asserts that the return process is hassle-free, some customers have reported challenges, describing it as more difficult than expected. Instances include customers facing difficulties with customer service, such as unreturned calls or emails, when attempting to initiate a return.



Who owns BloomChic?

There is no readily available information about the owner of BloomChic, but research indicates that Margarita Hirapetian serves as the director of the company.

Where can I buy BloomChic?

BloomChic is available for purchase directly through the BloomChic website.

Where does BloomChic ship from?

The specific shipping location for BloomChic is not explicitly stated. While the company claims to be based in Los Angeles, customer feedback mentioning extended delivery times has led to speculation that BloomChic may ship from Hong Kong.

How To Contact BloomChic

For any additional information not covered in this BloomChic reviews, you can contact the brand through email at [email protected] or by utilizing the online contact form available on their website. For more informative content, please visit the homepage of NewPostOfficial.

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